My Writing

I’ve been published as sole author and co-author for popular and academic audiences on subjects including: films, television shows, board & video games, moral philosophy, and Ralph Waldo Emerson.

I have bylines at the blog of the Journal of the History of Ideas, InputMag, Escapist Magazine, Erraticus, and Front Porch Republic

‘Mass Effect 3’ Works Better as Propaganda than an RPG”                 

Why Emerson Admired Bentham But Rejected His Utilitarianism”              

Emerson on Kant: A Metaphysician Not Worth Reading                           

Mad Max: Fury Road Reinvents Homeric Myth for Modern Audiences”      

Why D&D is a Popular Form of Communal Therapy”                                

Better to Die a Stark than Live a Lannister”                                                  

Wanderlust is a Vice, Not a Virtue”                                                               

Wanderlust Keeps us From Leading Meaningful Lives: Ralph Waldo Emerson and the Stoics”                                                                                               

“‘Every Man is a Quotation from all his Ancestors’: Ralph Waldo Emerson as a Philosopher of Virtue Ethics”